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Gov Crackdown in Election Run Up

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F4J Liverpool

23 March 2005


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Prevention of Terrorism Bill

House of Commons

Re - Fathers Fear Government Crackdown in Election Run Up

It's going to get worse, not better. This is also after passage of the Prevention of Terrorism bill. Since protest is now antisocial, you can expect that even sending a couple of emails or holding a peaceful rally will be the subject of ASBOs.

Moderate fathers, moderate animal rights supporters, moderate anti-war protesters a la Greenham Common, countryside alliance, people standing outside parliament with a sandwich board - anyone who rocks the boat can expect arbitrary policing. We can't start mending the damage until we get rid of this autistic, self-serving, destructive government.

We need some joined-up thinking among the full range of democratic protest groups on restoring democracy and ancient rights. We need to make it a priority to get rid of New Labour now, ideally by tactical voting toward a hung parliament. We've just had an anti-war march, but what we really need is a Death of Democracy march.

Criminalizing peaceful protest should be the place to start building a national movement for democratic accountability. This could be the Rosa Parks moment for all of us who uphold the constitutional values on which this country was built. Peaceful protest is a right, not a liberty. Sometimes it's an obligation.
P4p Member

Matt O'Conner [F4J] Source: F4J Liverpool

In the past few weeks we have done Downing Street (Not forgetting the PM in May), Fathers activists have apparently targeted Labour Offices and there is a Labour conference in Wales this weekend along with an election in 8 weeks. Is it any surprise that the people inside tonight are those who climbed Downing Street.

This over reaction on the part of the authorities (the detention, the police raids, jail) is politically motivated by an attempt to intimidate Fathers 4 Justice. We expect to see more of this in the coming weeks as Police & Press infiltrate our ranks and more activists face heavy sanctions. We now have our Guantanamo Dads.

In the midst of this madness (and we were all upset at HO today about this) we must hold our course. Sacrifice is part of this struggle and Andy James and Pete Chippin knew this. These guys are brave and courageous, the first F4Jr's to be sent down. These might be the first but they won't be the last. We have to be prepared now for the coming weeks and months of hardship.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to you all.


The Gulag Of The Family Courts by Jack Frost



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