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Fathers 4 Justice Past, Present and Future

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Matt O'Conner  

Matt O'Conner

For the last

6 months


Head Office

has not been

running a



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Statement by founder of F4J

Dear All,


For the last 6 months F4J Head Office has not been running a campaign.

Instead we have been engaged in a senseless running battle with errant co-ordinators and members who have increasingly displayed flagrant disregard for the rules, regulations and agreements they signed up to and the authority of the organisation.

Theft and deception at branch level has become endemic, violence has been visited by member on member, anarchy and mob rule has replaced order, self destruction has replaced construction, disrespect has replaced respect for our aims, objectives, methods and strategy.

We have been consumed by a culture of poison and malice where gossip and half truths are peddled as fact and where infiltrators and agitators operate with impunity and without challenge.

Worse there are those who promote the patronising deceit that they only seek to relieve our burden and help F4J whilst at the same time ripping up the agreements they signed and were bound by and then conspiring to work against us by failing to attend meetings they agreed to attend, issuing demands, failing to supply information when asked and betraying confidences and loyalties.

The inevitable conclusion of this unedifying, embarrassing and increasingly dysfunctional spectacle must thrill and delight the enemies we sought to defeat. The disaffected instead of maintaining some kind of dignity in retreat email hundreds of members causing loss of faith and confidence and leave open festering wounds in the entire fathers movement where the tabloids and authorities, who also seek to bring us down, can feed.

One can only conclude that the motivation of such individuals is not to bring down family law, but the only vehicle that could have made the difference. Hell bent on revenge, a minority have demonstrated ably why the  fathers movement has not changed in 30 years and why it will be plunged headlong into another 30 years in the wilderness if they are allowed to succeed.

This is not what we started, what we want, or what we want to be part of. It is a travesty and perversion of our original vision. It is a tragic day for our children when those entrusted with fighting injustice have made fighting each other a twisted obsession that would threaten the entire fatherís movement if allowed to go unchallenged.

For many fathers they have already become casualties, the tragic truth being that they were defeated not by the government or law they sought to change but by the very people they sought to help.


As from today (Monday 6th) Fathers 4 Justice Ltd will suspend all existing UK operations and plans. The infrastructure is to be dismantled and restructured and all co-ordinator agreements (which are still valid and haven't expired) will be revoked.

All memberships and membership services will remain and Fathers 4 Justice Ltd will continue as a members group and a not for profit limited company which owns all UK trademarks.

The demonstration on 17th June has been cancelled on the advice of Police for Public Order reasons. We cannot afford, nor are we prepared to risk, damaging our reputation through the behaviour of a minority of individuals and will always put the protection of F4J and it's members first.


Fathers 4 Justice will re launch in a new format later in the year when the climate and attitudes are compatible with our original strategy and when a new, invigorated, dynamic and radical agenda can be pursued in the mould we intended, not one that others sought to impose.

A new team will be hand picked and assembled during the summer months. Induction courses will be introduced and a team of activists recruited for a radical, innovative new campaign. The new team will be sent on a 2 day training course in the South West later this summer.

Those that would like to be considered for a position on this team should
email office@fathers-4-justice.org with their full CV and be available to attend F4J HO during the summer for a 1 day induction course and the 2 day training course. Travel expenses will be covered. All applications must be received by Friday 17th June 2005.

F4J will also launch a flurry of new initiatives alongside the campaign launch this autumn. Our work with Sir Bob Geldof will continue and negotiations with Cafcass will conclude within the next few weeks either way subject to their public statement of intent. If the outcome is positive we will present to the board mid July and leaflets will be displayed by every Cafcass office in the country.

Our aim is to not only raise our game, but to march forward with a renewed sense of determination and ambition, clear in our objectives and strategy and the guts necessary to see this thing through to its conclusion.

To the friends and colleagues that have sacrificed so much in the last two and a half years, we salute them for their courage and indefatigability and we hope that they will continue to join us on our battle to fight family law

Matt O'Connor
Founder, Fathers 4 Justice

Fathers 4 Justice split by infighting
By Sam Coates

FATHERS 4 JUSTICE has imploded amid bitter infighting and an attempt to oust the leader, two of the organisations best-known figures have said. Jason Hatch and David Pyke, who scaled the gates of Buckingham Palace last September dressed as Batman and Robin, said that the fatherís rights campaign had "fallen apart at the seams" four months ago.

Several members are now considering setting up a breakaway organisation.

Both activists were expelled from the group last week over accusations that they duped a pensioner out of £500. Both deny the allegation, claiming that they were kicked out for questioning the state of the organisations finances. The pair said that 40 members of the group had attended an emergency meeting last weekend in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, to discuss its future, and that they had carried a motion of no confidence in Matt OConnor, the head of Fathers 4 Justice. Gary Birch, speaking on Mr OíConnor behalf, dismissed suggestions that there were any internal problems with the organisation. "Matt OíConnor is still very much the head of this organisation", he said.



The Gulag Of The Family Courts by Jack Frost



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