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Cafcass should be Abolished
Cafcass has already failed!
Cafcass Board to Resign
Diane Shepherd of CAFCASS Sacked
Anthony Douglas
Parental Alienation
Parental Alienation Awareness Day 2006
Divorce Mediation scheme flops
Anthony Douglas Staff are under Pressure


The program looks at the  roll of Cafcass Cymru
Dragon's Eye
The program looks at
the roll of Cafcass Cymru with
comments from:
L.Bevan P4p


CAFCASS leave thousands of children fatherless, Why? 

No Training, No Proper Complaints, No Appeal, No Public, Not Needed and Not Wanted, "That's Why"


Oct 31 2005 Every Day Matters?

NEW directions for Cafcass - A consultation paper on a new professional and organisational strategy direction:- Please Read: Cafcass PDF


CAFCASS STATEMENT TO FATHERS ONLY? OPEN LETTER TO GROUPS REPRESENTING THE INTERESTS OF FATHERS IN PRIVATE LAW? Shouldn't this say all parents not just fathers! I wonder if these so called support groups F4J, FNF, Fathers Direct, ECT have consulted their membership on this complete pack of hype and tripe, if not then the leaders of these groups should be ashamed of themselves.

Please reply to this hype and tripe

The Family Court proceedings and CAFCASS leave thousands of children in Wales each year fatherless, Cafcass leaves a trail of heartache and confusion systematically removing caring fathers from their loved ones destroying deep bonded and loving relationships with the swish of a pen writing away years of father child development. The Unqualified Cafcass office was set up under the Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000,prescribed by the act is CAFCASS looks after solely the interests of children involved in the family court proceedings when parents who are separating or divorcing can't agree on contact arrangements for their children, and then advises the courts on what it considers to be in the children's best interests.

Family courts are deeply secretive places. Every year in England and Wales, the parents of some 200,000 children pass through them. Judges are free to make whatever comments about these parents' behaviour or parenting they see fit and to make whatever orders they consider appropriate about the children's future.

Their powers include the right to stop a parent seeing their child for any reason. (Unmarried fathers have no rights in law to see their own children at all, unless they can get a Parental Responsibility Order which gives them the same status as a married man.)

There are no guidelines for post-divorce contact with children. It is almost impossible to appeal against decisions and there is no proper system for complaints. No one knows how - or if - the system is working since there are no case studies of the first one million cases which have been dealt with.

In making their decisions, judges rely heavily on welfare reports drawn up by reporting officers. Formerly known as court welfare officers called cafcass reporters these influential figures advise judges on where children should live and how often the non-resident parent should be allowed see them. Their recommendations are usually rubber-stamped. Parental Alienation

The Twilight Facts

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The horrors of Cafcass the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service.

1.The majority of Cafcass Officers are ex probation officers used to dealing with hardened/petty criminals.

2.1 in 7 Cafcass officers as NOT received any training.

3.Cafcass officers have NO formal qualifications.

4.Shockingly, Cafcass officers training consists of just one 2 half-day course less than a Traffic Warden. There is NO official training budget whatsoever.

5.Cafcass has NO defined guidelines and in 2007 still NO proper complaints procedure.

6.Cafcass keep NO records and do not research into the outcomes of the cases they have been involved in (e.g. figures on children's suicide and teenage pregnancy five years after CAFCASS involvement). This means they have NO way of knowing whether they are achieving the best outcomes for children and their parents.

7.To further compound problems, massive numbers of CWOs are leaving because of these problems. Cafcass faces a major recruitment crisis.

8.According to Dr Buchanan, ex-Head of the Family Division Research Team at Oxford University, Cafcass handles around 40,000 cases each year affecting an estimated 80 120,000 children per annum.

9.This equates to over a million children in the past decade alone.

10.According to Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, once President of the Family Division, 40% of fathers lose contact with their children after 2 years.



The Gulag Of The Family Courts by Jack Frost



The Parent Protest Group Campaigning for Parents Rights protesting against the Wales and UK Family Court's for Justice and Equality.

Exposing the truth to fight Injustice in Family Law

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