October 2005

Oct 31 2005

Parental Alienation
Very interesting website


Oct 31 2005

Every Day Matters?

NEW directions for Cafcass

A consultation paper on a new professional and organisational strategy direction Cafcass PDF


Oct 28 2005

The CSA failed to answer more than a third of calls from new claimants in the 15 months to July 2005. Claimants left hanging on phone


Oct 23 2005

Article in Mail On Sunday By Alistair Self
“GESTAPO” Social Workers wanted to put my baby on a at-risk register says MP


Oct 23 2005

UK Independent

Blunkett to crack down on single mothers

Single mothers on benefits are to be made to actively seek a job as soon as their youngest child reaches 11


Oct 17 2005


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Oct 19 2005

Paid leave plans for new fathers bbc-online

Fathers of babies could get the right to take three months' leave with a state allowance of £106 a week.


Oct 19 2005

PBS Charged with Promoting Anti-Father Bias

USA - Washington, DC. TRC Media/ - Family advocates are charging the Public Broadcasting System with promoting a program that is overtly biased and tinged with an anti-father agenda.


Oct 18 2005

Daily Mail

I'll never give up fighting for these mothers
The family courts are a silent scandal by

John Sweeny a reporter for the BBC


Oct 18 2005

Protester scales cathedral 'In the Name of the Father'

A MAN in a Spider-Man costume scaled Liverpool's Roman Catholic cathedral today to demonstrate about fathers' rights. Liverpool Echo


Oct 13 2005

Protest dad on hunt laws rap

A FATHERS 4 Justice campaigner in Merseyside has become the first person in Britain to be prosecuted using anti-hunt protest legislation.

IC Liverpool


Oct 13 2005

No regrets Fathers 4 Justice woman

THE first woman protester for Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) says she has no regrets about joining the high-profile group - UK Barking Recorder


Oct 10 2005

New fathers to be offered six months' unpaid leave

Men are to be given the right to six months' paternity leave during the first year of their baby's life, but it will be unpaid?, the Government is expected to say this week. Telegraph.co.uk


Oct 7 2005

Latest News

British MP Calls for Enquiry into Victimized Family

 On receiving the disclosed documents of social services and the widespread “collusion, incompetence and bias” exerted internally and onto related bodies, an investigation could be imminent. The leader of Dorset County Council has also been informed of developments and the desire for a public enquiry. Men's News Daily


Oct 5 2005

Upping the anti by David Batty

The Guardian Society FrontPage

Featuring Fassit UK and P4p


Oct 6 2005

Protest dads in city bridge stunt THREE Welsh members of the Fathers 4 Justice protest group have scaled a London bridge dressed as superheroes. IC Wales


04 Oct 2005

Stay at home advice to mothers attacked as sexist and wrong By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent UK Telegraph


03 Oct 2005

The Millionaire who stormed the Commons

'I would give all this up just to see my daughter': the millionaire who stormed the Commons

UK  Independent News


02 Oct 2005

Give fathers same leave as mothers says watchdog

THE government’s equality watchdog is to tell ministers this week that it wants men to be entitled to as much paid time off work as women to look after babies. The Sunday Times - Britain


 02 Oct 2005

BBC NE Politics Show on Child Care with comments from  [RealF4J] Only one to two percent of the 300,000 child care workforce is men yet surveys suggest almost eight in ten adults are in favour of more men working in the industry. Video Wma