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Neath Dad in Hunger Strike Threat

Dad in Hunger Strike Threat  by Steve Lisle   

Layton Bevan:

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South Wales Evening Post


June 10, 2003

Neath Dad in Hunger Strike Threat

South Wales Evening Post by Steve Lisle


A Neath dad is threatening to go on hunger strike to publicise his battle to see his children. Layton Bevan, of Rhodfa Bevan, Cadoxton, has not seen his two sons for three months after his wife took them out shopping and never came back.


His sons, aged two and four, are now living at a secret address in Blackpool.


Mr Bevan said his wife has left with the children seven times before and managed to get a six-month injunction to stop him from seeing them She would leave shouting accusations about domestic violence that were totally untrue, said the mature student I was not allowed to go anywhere near them I've been treated like a criminal and I don't understand why, Mr Bevan has taken her to court five times but on every occasion, his wife has made efforts to reconcile she has then left with the children again.


It has been absolutely terrible and you can't think of anything else," said Mr Bevan. "I gave her money to go to the shops and she never came back I've been thinking about going on hunger strike to show what is going wrong in the courts."


The injunction has now been lifted on Mr Bevan and he is currently taking his wife to court again.


He recently joined campaign group Fathers 4 Justice as he thinks the legal system has failed both him and his children.

I've been fighting for the right to see them for three and a half years," he said.
It's a disgrace and there are thousands of people all over the country suffering as a result of these family courts."


Fathers 4 Justice will demonstrate nationwide on June 13 for more rights for fathers who are denied access to their children after divorce or separation.


South Wales Evening Post

by Steve Lisle