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Michael Howard (Con) Fathers Promised Support

Equal rights for parents


10 August, 2004


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Michael Howard (Con) Fathers Promised SupportMichael Howard

Equal rights for parents


Michael Howard's speech on law and order, delivered in Middlesbrough. "But there are many fathers in Britain today who do want to play their part, yet cannot get access to their children".


THE SUN August 9th 2004 ABSENT dads and poor school discipline are to blame for soaring violent crime, Tory leader Michael Howard will warn tomorrow. Mr Howard will lay out his vision to tackle crime before unveiling detailed new policies. Dads 'key in crime war'  


In the speech in Middlesbrough, he will say: “Many people now believe that they are no longer wholly responsible for their actions.


'Woman's Hour' Michael Howard MP Families Summit Woman's Hour'  Michael Howard MP BBC Radio 4 (listen) Reaction Woman's Hour'  Michael Howard MP


Tory leader, Michael Howard talks exclusively to Woman's Hour about his party's vision for family life in Britain. Including a statement by minister Margaret Hodge. Also includes  F4J,Women's Aid, a Retired Judge, Legal Experts and Others.


Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard Calls for shared parenting rights - Michael Howard is to call for a change in the law which would give parents equal access to their children when relationships break down. At a summit on custody battles on Monday, the Tory leader is expected to say the

"best parent is both parents". BBC Online

The Campaign Group Fathers4Justice claimed its high-profile protests had forced a re-think in Tory policy after Conservative leader Michael Howard called for equal access for parents following a split.

Mr Howard said a change in the law was vital to ensure parents, especially fathers, did not lose touch with their children after a divorce. The party will now carry out a review of the Children's Act but denied the move was prompted by F4J's stunts, which included pelting the Prime Minister with purple powder which sparked a major security scare at Westminster.

Speaking at the first Conservative summit on custody battles, Mr Howard said marriage was the best environment to bring up children but politicians had to "live in the real world". IC Wales

The ongoing campaign by controversial fathers group Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) gained political support for the first time yesterday from the Conservative Party Leader Michael Howard.

Conservatives back Dads Campaign' The Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP said: "With around 4 million children living apart from natural parents it is important that those children enjoy contact with both parents as much as possible where that can be achieved. Too many non-resident parents are being failed by the system and deprived of the access to their children which they deserve and from which their children derive great benefit. The Conservative Party is determined to raise this problem up the political agenda and promote the rights and responsibilities of shared parenting."

Before F4J nothing was happening. Now we have a Green paper due out any day, the Leader of the Opposition coming out in support, a Fathers day demo on Friday, our Blueprint for family Law in the 21st Century which is also published this week, hunger striking grandparents and fun powder plot demo's in the House of Commons.'

'This was unthinkable just 18 months ago. Now we must make this a serious election issue.' But we still face a Herculean struggle. 22 people face trial in the coming weeks and months for public order offences and the government will fudge the issue yet again without Fathers 4 Justice relentlessly and tenaciously pursuing their every turn. Matt O'Conner (F4J)