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Custody baby parents to 'settle'

BBC News - Online

26 May, 2005


Diane Jelicich and

Baby Caitlin


Layton Bevan:

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Family members travelled to Heathrow to meet mother and baby

 A mother who was involved in an international custody battle with her estranged husband has told how she hopes to settle the dispute amicably.

Diane Jelicich's New Zealander husband, Stephen, went on the run with their daughter Caitlin after their marriage broke down during a family holiday.

He later gave himself up and their 10-month-old daughter was reunited with her Swansea mother.

Mrs Jelicich said she had their daughter's best interest at heart.

"It's more to do with what is in Caitlin's best interests," said the 41-year-old nurse.

"Dragging it through the courts is not in Caitlin's best interests."

She said the arrangements would be made "amicably" but added that she did not know exactly what they would entail until Mr Jelicich arrived in Britain to discuss the matter.

Layton Bevan, founder of a group called Parents 4 Protest, which calls for a fairer legal system for parents of both sexes, confirmed Mr Jelicich would be arriving in Britain in early June.

Father Stephen Jelicich will come to the UK

He said: "He will be looking to emigrate. He will be looking to get accommodation.

"They both love the baby. Diane has accepted that he is a caring, loving dad.

"He has taken steps with immigration and he is looking to get a job. He has got to be close to his daughter."

Mr Jelicich went missing with Caitlin after the breakdown of his marriage with his wife during a family holiday over Christmas in New Zealand.

But the case made international news headlines when the couple broke up and a court ruled Caitlin should return in her mother's custody to Wales.

Mr Jelicich disappeared with his daughter for 10 days, giving himself up after TV appeals and negotiations via lawyers.

The high court in Auckland later quashed the original order which had given Mrs Jelicich custody.

The UK then applied under the Hague Convention to have custody decided in Wales, as Caitlin was born in Wales and is a British citizen.

And earlier this month, a family court in New Zealand ruled that the dispute over the baby's future custody should be settled in Wales.