Top Story of 2011  
I was on the run facing a year in jail

Andy Kershaw


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Land of our Fathers...Hen Wlad fy Nhadau...The Red Dragon will show the Way...Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn


 Family Courts Injustices

Wales/Cymru - Hen Wlad fy Nhadau

Top Story of 2009

F4J dad finally gains joint custody of daughter

Jolly Stanesby


Top Story of 2007

Jailed for waving at his daughter

Daily Mail



The NPT-Watchdog website has been created for members

of the public.


Separated Dads

Help and Advice for

Separated Fathers


Fathers 'R' Us

In the UK 200,000 men are now staying at home to bring up their children


March 13, 2008
Special report on why men are more reluctant to admit to being the victim of domestic violence.

Video (wmv)


Men's Aid is a

registered charity

Men's Aid Head Office
28, Penryn Road, Walsall, WS5.3EU
0871 223 9986


The National Society for Children and Family Contact

Confidential helpline is now open to men who are suffering as a result of psychological, physical.

The number to call is

0870 794 0075


"The Rising Price of Love"

Essential Read

This 275 page free online book on relationships, marriage, children, child welfare, family life,  cohabitation, by Dr Patrick Dixon,

The Rising Price of Love


Women Victims of DV

Tel: 0808 2000 247


Mankind [National]

Male DV Help

Tel: 0870 794 4124

Mankind Wales

Standing for Truth and Justice


Requests for Help

Update - Robert now located his daughter Rachel - Thank you 2007

Robert Bennett

A Married Father Robert Bennett from Scotland who's wife deserted him taking their Downs Syndrome daughter somewhere in England while he was at work has now been searching almost 6 years for her.

Can you help
 is used across the globe by serving members of the armed forces who want to stay in
touch with their kids when posted away on duty.


Please Sign these Petitions

The Petition

Stop Systematic Abuse and the Secrecy in Family Courts


NEW! Please Sign Disabled Parents are Parents Too



Blind Baseball:
A Father's War By A. Green
Available Now!

Perfect Hosting

Quality Website Hosting Solutions


  UHP Systems BV
Ultra High Water Pressure Systems
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September 10 2012

Draft legislation on family justice published
Residence and contact orders to be replaced by child arrangements orders - Read here


May 09 2012

Children and Families

Children and Families Bill including Family Law 2012
Family Law - The key measures


April 27 2012

The Coalition for Marriage

The Coalition for Marriage is an umbrella group of individuals and organisations in the UK that support traditional marriage and oppose any plans to redefine it.
Don't Play Politics - One Man + One Woman - With Marriage
Sign Petition - almost Half a Million already have!!!


April 25 2012

I Want to See My Kids!:

Practical Advice for Dads Who Want Contact with Their Children After Divorce and Separation

Published on 25 April 2012 – Robin Hood Press – £6.99 ISBN 978-0-9571828-0-6 Download from Amazon

Tina Rayburn and Timothy Forder are available for features and interviews. For further information, please contact Tanya on 07768 737814 or email:


January 05 2012

Divorced parents will be given a legal right to see their children under plans being drawn up by ministers.

Read here


November 02 2011

Fathers lose bid for equal custody rights after review of family law

Fathers lose bid for equal custody rights after review of family law

Fathers’ hopes of securing equal rights over their children will be dashed tomorrow when a review of family law is published.

Read here


Fathers 4 Justice Protesters scale Buckingham Palace gate

 September 24/25 2011

Fathers 4 Justice Website

06 September 2011


 Marines join dads' rights battle by pulling stunt on Afghanistan front line. Read Here


2 September 2011

One in four primary schools still has no male teachers

General Teaching Council for England figures show a slight improvement on last year, with 27.2% schools with no male teachers, down from 27.8%. There are just 48 male teachers in state nurseries. Read here

 Men's Aid is a registered charity

087 1223 9986



A Letter to the Prime Minister David Cameron.
By Matt O'Connor

O'CONNOR: "My hunger is not for food, but for justice. I don’t want you to help me. I want you to help the children. They deserve better." Read here


25th June 2011

I was on the run facing a year in jail ...because I telephoned my wife

By Andy Kershaw Read here


Father's Day

We have just launched a new film on our YouTube Channel called Father's Day. It is in two parts and can be viewed at Part 1: Part 2


The Secrecy of the Family Courts should be lifted NOW

This petition was started by Jane Davies in the streets of Carmarthen and published on Unity - Injustice. It is an expression of campaigning efforts by many individuals, organisations and John Hemming as the first and foremost MP.

Please Sign the Petition


May 16, 2011

Single mother jailed

Single mother jailed after paying for friend's son to take DNA test in bid to cut ex-lover out of her boy's life

Read More...Fathersrus


'Archive Essential Reading'

How feminists tried to destroy

the family


URGENT:  For all national and International lists. Please pass this mail down the line, today or as soon as you can. URGENT.

Harriet Harman (Minister for family justice?) - Guilty

Patrica Hewitt (Health Minister?) - Guilty

A call for all parents to read and comment on this shocking disclosure by Erin Pizzey, founder of the battered wives' refuge? Read the amazing article here first published in the Daily Mail


April 09, 2011

April 25 is Parental Alienation

Awareness Day
If you feel that the changes you're seeing are extreme, though, you may suspect Parental Alienation Syndrome. This is when a child who previously enjoyed a warm relationship with both parents begins to reject one parent solely based on strong, negative claims introduced by the other parent.


Family court media reporting delays 'wise'

The government was wise to defer a decision on whether the media should be able to report family court hearings, according to a senior judge.

Read More...BBC


23 August 2010

Fathers 'r' Us - RSS

In the UK 200,000 men are now staying at home to bring up their children.

The latest research from the Office of National Statistics shows that there are now 200,000 men staying at home to bring up their children - almost double the number there were in 1993, when official records began. And we’re not just house-husbands at home full-time Read More...


30 June 2010

Ministry Of Justice

Family justice – your views on its future

Family justice – your views on its future

Views on how the family justice system can do its best to protect children and help families to work through their disagreements are being sought by a panel of experts.

Call for evidence


February 23, 2010

The Times
Family court reforms face opposition from judges and children's’ groups.

The original reforms, introduced last April after a campaign led by The Times, among others, enabled the media to report on thousands of cases that were previously closed. But they have nonetheless proved something of a damp squib because of continuing restrictions over anonymity and the publication of material other than the gist of proceedings.
Read the Times article

Please leave your comment in the Times like Bob Kat who wrote: Things can't go on the way they are. The very secret family courts are responsible for breeding contempt for justice and a lack of any public trust or confidence in child protection in practice. A balance must be reached so that all child protection in practice matters and family justice procedures are made transparent. I would like to add that as someone who has had to report the seen abuse of children, to the relevant authorities and who is in touch with others who have had to do the same, I am now aware that many child abuse concerns raised are not being recorded, documented or accounted for as they should be.
Observations and notes written down by some child protection practitioners, in many cases, are very flawed and full of errors which are resulting in masking truth. Some of the social services 'case notes' are built on sand and are then being 'presented' as 'concrete evidence' in family justice procedures! So called evidence which is being heard in secret and which is not being challenged. The family courts must be brought out of the dark ages. Justice can only be served in the light!



Are we all being Hoodwinked by Secretary of State for Justice

Jack Straw?

Are we all being Hoodwinked by Secretary of State for Justice


December 04 2009

Children Schools and Families Bill Children Schools and Families Bill

Jack Straw on ITV in April 27 2009 said he would NOT reverse Clayton v Clayton (lead test case on FREEDOM OF SPEECH) - his words, yet a proposed bill by the Government published last week does just that? (Family Proceedings Part 2) Read Bill


December 02 2009

MP'S Response

NEW Early Day Motion EDM 325 - FAMILY COURTS
Hemming, John
That this House notes that the Government has expressed a desire to increase accountability in the family courts; regrets that the Children, Schools and Families Bill as currently drafted would have the effect of increasing secrecy in the family courts; and calls on the Government urgently to draft amendments to deliver its commitment to accountability EDM 325


April 27 2009

Secretary of State for Justice

Jack Straw on ITV This Morning

Download Video

August 22 2009

A F4J protester in a Father Christmas costume is staging a rooftop protest at the home of a senior Devon judge.

Jolly Stanesby Fathers 4 Justice Activist

Jolly Stanesby Fathers 4 Justice Activist Fathers 4 Justice dad finally gains joint custody of daughter  Daily Mirror By Richard Smith

UK – [BBC Radio 5 LIVE Victoria Derbyshire ] Jolly Stanesby

Broadcast on Thu, 3 Sep 2009, 10:00 on BBC Radio 5 live.

More on Jolly Stanesbys Blog

February 27 2009

Are we all being Hoodwinked?

User friendly summary of: The Response to Jack Straw Read Article...


15th February 2009

Justice Ministry to bar parents from telling their own stories

Matthew Bell refers to the matter in the Independent on Sunday Read Article...

17th February 2009
 Facebook campaign has been launched.

See the Facebook group:

"Stop Jack Straw's Gagging Order"

Sign Up Now - It's free and anyone can join

8th January 2009

Why Government and media announcements on opening the family courts are little more than a massive hoodwinking exercise
Response to Jack Straw’s proposals on Family Court Openness

by Simon Clayton Read Article...

16 December 2008

 Family justice in view

Jack Straw has made an oral statement about the opening up of family courts. Read Announcement...

The Right Hon Jack Straw MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice said before this announcement: "I am concerned that not even I am allowed into a family court without permissions" Well Jack Straw, even if all the changes to the family court in your statement are brought in silly boy because 'you'll still need permissions before you are allowed in?'

Are we all being Hoodwinked?


November 13 2008

Children's Minister: Call on all Services to better support dads

Children’s Minister Beverley Hughes today announced a ‘Think Fathers’ campaign to dispel the myth that dads are the ‘invisible parent’. Read Article...


April 04 2008

Family life is in 'meltdown'

Judge launches devastating attack on our fractured society
Daily Mail Read Article...

March 19 2008

Welsh children denied access to grandparents
by Rhodri Clark, Western Mail
AROUND 50,000 Welsh children may be being denied access to their grandparents because of the breakdown of family relationships, new figures reveal. Read Article...


March 13, 2008

Former Law Society president

speaks out

Institutional Injustice: The Family Courts at WorkInstitutional Injustice:

The Family Courts at work by Martin Mears published by Civitas ISBN 1-903386-48-9

Radio 4 Listen Here...




[cover thumbnail]

Forced Adoption
By Ian Josephs
To order

(shortened version) £5.74


Forced Adoption 2nd Edition

By Ian Josephs


To order £11.30

Forced Adoption is a book on sale at cost price that exposes the secret family courts, the gagging of parents and worse still the forced adoption of their children for such trivial reasons as 'risk of emotional abuse'.

 January 9, 2008

Family courts: everybody out

Judgments to be published

The Gov has ruled that judgments can go up online, but the press and public can no longer attend magistrates' courts hearings The Times Read Article...

January 19, 2008

Labour's adoption targets to be scrapped
Read Article...

The Tragic Adoption Legacy of Tony Blair


Violent Woman's Weekly

Are Women becoming more violent in our homes

and on our streets?

January News Headlines


January 8, 2008
Men staying at home to look after children should be cultural norm, claims minister
Daily Mail Read Article...


January 2, 2008

Victim of false rape claim must pay £12,500 for bed+breakfast in jail

London Evening Standard  Read Article...


December 28, 2007

Pregnant Fran told she's in the clear
The Journal  Read Article...


December 28 2007

Sperm donor wins CSA review
London Evening Standard  Read Article...


December 13, 2007

Two MPs call to Free the

'Grandfather One'
The Times  Read Article...


December 6, 2007

The doctor banned by the GMC,

Dr David Southall.

Today Radio 4 Listen to program (real player)


October 26, 2007

Grandmother given 2 year suspended sentence for contacting Grandson

more from Fassit...Read Article


October 19, 2007

How does the Fatherless Family Affect Adults, Children and Society?

The Results: The Experiment


October 4, 2007

Activists who handcuffed Hodge cleared
The Guardian


July 02 2007

Sons campaign for release of 'top dad'
 Sunday Telegraph


June 25 2007

Jailed for waving at my daughter

Read Article...


National Society for Children and Family ContactNSCFC

National Society for Children and Family Contact

'Keeping the child in everyone’s life'

Press Releases



"The Gulag Of The Family Courts" by Jack FrostEssential Read

"The Gulag Of The Family Courts"

by Jack Frost

The Secrecy Exposed Get your copy here!


June 24 2007

Fassit’s response

 ‘Confidence & Confidentiality: Openness in Family Court new approach’ Presented by Lord Falconer Fassit's response


June 15 2007

How a family court stole my family

Millionaire lifestyle. Holiday home in Provence. Four beautiful children...on the surface this film producer's life was idyllic.
Then his wife set in train a cataclysmic legal action that plunged him into the nightmarish, secretive world of the family courts.

Daily Mail


'Mum's bid to open family courts'

Learn about Jane's campaign - download the petition here

started:- Jan 2007


April 20 2007

Shock at women goading toddlers to fight each other

Video A mother who goaded her children to fight each other on camera has received a suspended sentence, with her mother and sisters BBC News


April 20 2007

Woman jailed for sex with boy, 14

A woman is starting a 15 month jail sentence for having sex with a 14-year-old boy. BBC News


April 19 2007

Sadistic' foster mother jailed

A woman who punished three children in her care by ramming sticks down their throats and making them eat their own vomit has been jailed for 14 years. BBC News


April 19 2007

Wife accused of barbecue murder

A jealous wife fatally stabbed her husband after a barbecue with a souvenir from their honeymoon, a jury at Swansea Crown Court has heard. BBC News


April 3 2007

The 'orphan' grandparents

Grandparents in our position will continue to lobby Parliament until the law is changed to recognise us as family members who can do an important job in providing security for children damaged by the separation of their parents. Daily Mail


March 22 2007

Blunders left foster mother free to torture

A foster mother who subjected children in her care to horrific acts of cruelty was allowed to continue her reign of terror for 20 years because of a catalogue of blunders by social services, it emerged. Eunice Spry, 62, beat the children with metal bars, made them drink bleach Daily Mail

Shown on ITV This Morning


March 09 2007

Marriage under growing threat
CHURCH and family groups expressed fear for children growing up in broken homes yesterday after figures revealed a soaring divorce rate, a fall in the number of marriages and the highest ever number of children born out of wedlock. Scotsman


February 14  2007
Betrayal of a generation of children

National Society for Children and Family Contact

In response to the latest report by UNICEF

Breakdown in Society and family life is that of the Prime Minister and his parties own making, hence if he, Gordon Brown or John Reid does not address this reality neither they nor anyone else in the Labour Party will be fit for office.

National Charity Press Release


February 2 2007

Lobby groups muddy family law

FAMILY courts have always been known for dirty tricks but recent stories to emerge from Britain show gutter tactics have reached new lows. AU Courier mail story



February 8 2007

Domestic Violence and Male Victims

ITV This Morning

The program includes a interview with one female abuser and a very shocking call from another. Essential viewing

View Video WMA Format Domestic Violence and Male Victims 44.9 MB


January 17 2007.

How the State stole my daughter

Please Read the incredible story and leave your

comments on the Daily Mail


Parents reach settlement

January 17 2006. A court has ruled that the schoolgirl at the centre of an international custody battle can remain in Pakistan after her parents reached a settlement. BBC Read

September 1 2006

Parents reach settlement

Molly speaks out

Independent UK

I ran away to be with dad in Pakistan

Molly Campbell appears to be very happy in Pakistan with her father and sister.


Essential: The Gender Equality Duty [GED] comes into force in April 2007 and it requires public authorities to promote gender equality and eliminate sex discrimination. Read


Child maintenance redesign

December 2006. The Government published its Child Maintenance White Paper on  Read


IC Birmingham

December 28, 2006 - Hospital may sue MP over file row - A Midland MP campaigning for the release of "secret" hospital files on children who were the subject of controversial medical research is being threatened with legal action by a Staffordshire NHS trust. Read Article...


John Hemming MP blog

December 23, 2006 - Hospital Threatens to Sue MP over letter It is a new one on me - The University Hospital of North Staffordshire have threatened to sue me (or more precisely their lawyers have threatened to sue me) over a letter I wrote to them.

Read Article...


Nov 28 2006

Man stages rooftop protest at Judges home

A F4J protester in a Father Christmas costume is staging a rooftop protest at the home of a senior Devon judge.

The Sun Online


Nov 15 2006

ITV This Morning

Mum and daughter separated by False allegations for 17yrs in a Secret Family Court Video


'Duck' look what's coming!

October 10, 2006

Cohabiting couples to win legal rights if relations break down - Britain's two million cohabiting couples are to be given legal rights to claim a share of property and income when the relationship breaks down. Daily Mail

I bet there's lots of unscrupulous Solicitors out there loving all this anguish, deathly worry, strife, already rubbing their hands funded by a unaccountable business were

the commodities in this blindly obvious

gravy train racket are children and their families.


October 9, 2006

HTV - Wales this Week

South Wales Police investigate Prof David Southall Video

The Research Projects of Professor David Southall.

Research on babies since the early 1980s which involved stopping babies from breathing! 'Essential viewing'

Apologies on sound.


'Not Found' what your looking for? Try P4p Archive 2006



Families Need Fathers

National Telephone Helpline - available from Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm on 08707 607 496.
Good information and support.




Family Court Book

- Essential Guide -
- Judicial Studies Board -

Family Proceedings Court


Your Right to Peaceful Protest

Your Right to Peaceful Protest

What you can and can't do

 if you organise a protest

Right to protest


Parental Alienation Syndrome information and Support site.

Don't forget about Daddy


Men's Aid

Campaign for Equality

  Parliamentary Megaphone

The Parliamentary Megaphone allows you to send a message to one/some or 'all MP's in one go'





'Your Family Court Solicitor'

Get Legal Advice

 Oliver Cyriax

- Contact cases -

- Telephone advice is Free -

Click here ...



Family Law Reform

Mismanagement: Social and Family Policy Read more here...


Get Advice now

UK - Living Together Home


Free Acrobat Reader

Some pages/links included on the Fassit UK site are in PDF format.



“Putting Children First”

27, School Grove, Withington, Manchester, M20 4RY.

The Rights of the Child

 Commissioner for Human Rights



Parental Alienation Experts

Divorce Mediation scheme flops


Essential Read

Abuse of Child Abuse Laws

Shaking Baby Syndrome 

by Susan Macafee


Scandal of the stolen children

Daily Mail by Fiona Barton

May 14th 2005 More Articles...



Scandal of the stolen children

Denise Robertson'

ITV This Morning

WMA Video file


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